Final Project: Personification

snake final drawing snake final final image complete

Thanks to this project I gained a better understanding of complex forms. I improved my skill of drawing inanimate objects and reptiles. As you can see the head looks like a rattlesnake, along with the rattles along the tail. Instead of making it in the same stance as a snake, in order to incorporate the rope into the image, I used the same stance as when a rope is curled up; but I wanted the snake to be sitting up, so i used the same stance as a snake standing up in a striking form.

The animal I chose to do was a rattlesnake, and the object was rope. I accentuated the rope and over exaggerated the fibers that were coming off it. I wanted the snake to look drastic. This project consisted me of drawing the figure numerous times to discover how it would look and so I could get a better understanding of the form.

I can relate this to my future in DMA because now that I drew out the different forms numerous times for each object, I understand how the object sits in space better and I better understand the form of the object. This project had been very helpful towards my understanding of figures and had given me more experience in drawing and using graphite pencil. I greatly feel like my knowledge has grown and that I will use this in the future.

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