Embrace Potential

embrace potential

In the reading I learned about structural flow, and that flow is a critical and fundamental part in the structure of any piece. Flow and structure work together, even though they seem like they contradict each other, but when it is actually the opposite. In my project I used both flow and structure, and incorporated them into my work. The planes are working to be the structure, along with the words in the image, saying Embrace Potential. Flow was incorporated into the clouds in the background. The clouds in the background make the image brighter, and add a sense of realism to it. Flow is a basic principle of nature’s design. If you have flow in your piece then there is always structure and more room to work. Flow complements your work, not limits it.

When I worked with flow I discovered that flow does not make your project limited, instead it helps it grow and develop. When you’re working with flow the energy you are using is balanced, and it allows you to interact smoothly with everything you are working with. Even though structure is the opposite of flow, it still needs to be balanced when you are working with a project. Structure does not limit flow, instead it compliments it and helps it grow. Each piece complements one another and helps it develop. One major part of flow is continuance. The eye moves naturally to flow with the visual information that belongs together. One part of my work that this is used in is the air balloon. The air balloons are all smudged and blurred different colors, giving the balloon different colors and making them stick out.

There are laws to use when working with the basic principles, which is represented by flow in many different ways, by using balance, harmony, and rhythm.  Structure is represented by proportion, unity, and order. Elements are things in your design, the true form and color that represents your empty space. Design uses many various elements in your work, making them have relationships and correspond to each other. You also need to focus on technique and quality. When you use new techniques you learn new ways and expand your horizons to new things, so it’s important to focus on learning new techniques and constantly push yourself.

Embrace Potential. It was made to represent you starting at the ground, and you use your potential to fly off into the sky and accomplish your dreams. The balloons represent yourself taking off into the sky and the plane represents you soaring through the sky. There are many different objects that are flying through the sky, which was made to represent all the different ways you can reach your potential and accomplish your dreams. The city in the background represents what you are leaving behind and the Ferris wheel and the fair represent what you went through when you accomplished your dreams and the fun you had while doing it.

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