Color Project

matt paper, watercolor

watercolor paper, watercolor

Thanks to this project I learned how to use the different colors of the color wheel, and learned how they look against one another. This project helped me gain a better conception of all the colors. Also, mixing the paint allowed me to experiment with the different colors and figure out what makes what color. I learned the basic colors, being red, yellow, and blue, along with what analogous colors are. Intensity change was a huge part of this piece, and was the most important thing that I needed to learn while doing this project.

I am glad that we did this project, because it got me exposed to new ideas and colors. Doing it on the computer wouldn’t have had the same learning effect on me. I think this project was very helpful and will be beneficial to me later on in the future when I start designing on the computer. I do wish we would have had more time to work on our paintings but am satisfied with how it turned out.

I used 3 basic symmetries when I was designing this, them being translation, reflection, and rotation symmetry. Some spots where there are Translation Symmetry are the spots with the arrows pointing out and in-wards.  I have a lot of reflection symmetry in my piece, most of it is composed of Reflection Symmetry, Its all the same. If you look at one side of the piece and then look at the other you notice that the line thickness and design is the same. Depending on what areas you are looking at the colors will also be the same. There are a few spots of Rotation Symmetry but not nearly as much as Reflection Symmetry.

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