Wire Project

seahore final pic    IMG_2829

When working on this project I learned a lot more about the form of animals and how complex they were. There is a lot more to the body then I originally thought, and there’s a lot more going on then I originally realized. I did an organic form, being a seahorse. Animals are a lot harder to do then geometric shapes but I wanted to challenge myself and do something a little harder. Originally I started out working with a bunny, but that challenged me intellectually. It was new to me so I figured out that I wasn’t ready for that quite yet. I changed my idea to doing a seahorse, because the seahorse was a simpler but yet was still what I was looking for in challenge.

I also learned about the structure of animals and figured out how to manipulate material more to my advantage, this time being with wire instead of paper. The wire was more difficult to work with, but was a lot more firm and was easier to get the form down with it. When using the wire I had to make sure to get all the curves of the seahorse down. I didn’t want the seahorse to be one giant circle all the way around for it’s body, I had to change the circle size to make different parts of the body large and small, and to make it look like the creature I was trying to make.

I was also about to input my own design into this project. Of course the base had to remain the same, but as far as details I could pretty much make up my own design. I cold make the fins how I wanted to, and the face. I’ve noticed in both this project and recent projects that I want to do something that challenged me, but not too much where I won’t be able to complete the project. I like to challenge myself so I’m learning new techniques.

This project will help me in the future. Thanks to working on this, I have developed a greater sense of the body of animals, and have gotten a feel for how complex they are. When I start animating in the future, I feel that I will be more successful thanks to this project.

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