Glitched Animation


All of my glitches were inspired by everyone’s perceptions of another.  People judge others based on their looks, even if they don’t mean to or try not to. Each glitch is conveying a different message about looks and perceptions.

The first glitch’s message I was trying to convey is pain. The slides are erratic, and there are many different thing’s you are seeing when you look at this image. One color that I particularly wanted to stick out was red, I tried to convey anger through that color. If you look closely at the glitch you can see the girl’s eyes are blinking. There are also numerous colors in the image. The way I incorporated 5x7x5 was by multiplying 5×5 which is 25. There is 25 frames in this glitch. There was also 7 glitched images put into this GIF.


In the second glitch it’s a girl putting her finger to her lips. To me this represented I used text edit in this image. In this image i used 5x7x5 by adding 7 plus 7, getting 14, so there are 14 slides in this glitch. Her lips are silent, and her feelings are all bottled up inside, not saying a word to anyone, or expressing how she truly feels. She feels cornered, and unable to express herself, which is why I had her lips shut.


In my last and final glitch I had a girl screaming. In this glitch I wanted to convey the message of her anger and frustration. I wanted to show everything that’s built up inside and into one glitch. Looking at this glitch you feel nervous, and scared to be around this person. This is all their feeling’s bottled up and coming at you at once. I added the Haiku format 5x7x5 to this image in the fact that there are 7 different edits to this image.

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