Conceptual Glitch Art: Class Work

pink-rose-flowers-32155893-1024-768 pink-rose-flowers-2

If you look at the before and after of the image you can still see that it is a flower, except the image repeated itself. The first image is just a picture of a flower, and the second one has multiple flowers on it but they’re cut off.  This glitch that I applied to the image didn’t change the meaning of the image, it’s still a flower. You can still see the water on it and they’re all stretched out.

Some glitch work that I found to be inspiring was the work by Kim Asendorf. Like Gursky, he has specific messages that he is trying to convey through his work.  He is inspired in his work by the social behavior of people, thinking of the gaps in media and in small groups. He likes to make people think about an image. He is very curious about glitching, especially about what kind of messages he can convey through glitching.  Asendorf is very experimental in his works, and using every glitch known. Most of his works will lead to sculptures, abstract and geometric art, and sometimes animated gifs or sounds.

pink-rose-flowers-32155893-1024-768 copy

unfortunately the image was a lot more different on the computer screen when it uploaded onto word press for some reason. no matter what i did i wasn’t able to get the image up correctly. in this glitch process i kept the overall image, but what taking away little pieces of the image, and copying and pasting them. to someone else, this image could mean line, and color variation. this image could also be showing how you are able to edit an image and turn it into something else.


the same image was used here. for this i used audacity, and it cut out the bottom part of the image. the image is generally the same, except for the small gray part at the bottom. to someone this may convey a different message then the images above, because there are different edits that were applied there.

pink-rose-flowers-original copy

once again I distorted the flower using the computer, and this time making a beautiful color. this time you can clearly see the water droplets and the image clearly, rather then before.

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