Andy Goldsworthy Documentary 2003 “Rivers and Tides”

In this documentary Andy Goldsworthy makes many different pieces of art out of the different forms around him. He takes simple and everyday outside forms and turns them into something different. He uses leaves, ice, rocks, and other forms of nature. Andy has to go outside and work, it is important to him that he does so. To him, he can’t not go and work for 2 weeks then go to a lecture and talk about his work, because it doesn’t feel like his. He has to go out and work creating new ideas and giving to nature. His two biggest influences are the sea and river, and they aspire him and give him new ideas. Andy hates traveling because once he get’s to a new area he immediately has to go and work on the environment around him. He takes nature and turns it into art. He feels that even though his work is torn down by nature, he doesn’t feel like it’s destruction, instead he feels as if he’s giving back to nature and it’s a gift, and nature is accepting it. Andy has always been fascinated by the processes that happen in nature, such as sun, light, tide, and change. Andy doesn’t like his work to be controlled, and says that it can be the death of work. It needs to be free and needs to flow naturally. The earth doesn’t need him, he needs the earth. He constantly looks to the earth for inspiration and uses it as a hobby to work with.

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