Mask Project

mask final picture mask drawing final image

I learned a lot of thing’s working on this project. I learned more about myself and how to draw 3-D objects. I discovered more about myself thanks to my mask and drawing. On my mask all my edges are clean cut and neat, and everything is simple, but once you reach the eyes you discover that there are multiple layer on my mask though there are multiple layers, and the eyes are much more complex then the rest of the mask. To me this makes sense because I love the details of the eyes and I think that without even realizing it, I put my interests in eyes into my work on the mask.

When I worked on the mask not only did I get a better understanding of how my face is shaped but I also got a better understanding of how many angles and how complex the human face is. This project helped me to better understand this and also gave me more skills working with materials. I used the X-Acto knife a lot during this project, and learned how to score the paper properly, deciding just how thick I needed to cut it. I learned how to manipulate materials better to my advantage and what I can accomplish using these materials.

After working on the mask and drawing, I realized that this project will help me in the future to complete my work. Thanks to the mask I have learned that the face has many different angles, and got a better sense of how complex that the face truly is. Once I drew the face I learned more about my drawing style and learned how to draw 3-D on paper. After looking at the ending result of my drawing I noticed that I have a very light and soft drawing style. Also, when I looked at the mask on paper rather then it being physically I my hands it helps me develop my skills more, because I can physically hold the object in my hand and also see how it appears on paper.

This project will help me in the future. Thanks to the mask , and the drawing, I have better gained an understanding of 3-D objects and it will help me when I start to make my own animations on the computer. Once I understand how objects appear in real life I will better be able to manipulate it to be advantage, making my animations stronger then before.

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