On October 18th, I attended a lecture by John Knecht who is a retired teacher from Colgate and has had his work presented at many festival’s, such as the black manal film festival. He presented his work and explained his life and how he got to where he his now, presenting about his own experiences and giving us insight on how to be successful.

Knecht presented some of his old work, and some new work. He showed us thing’s we had never imagined before, and illustrated them as a picture. Specifically, he had a house floating off it’s platform, and I found the piece to be both imaginative and a piece of art.

I learned some valuable information because of this lecture. Knecht was speaking about how important it was to go out and find thing’s that inspire you, work outside of class to improve your skills. One place I can go for inspiration on my work is 13th century  folk art. In order to become both a better animator and artist I need to pursue different types of art on my own. I’m not going to learn everything inside the classroom. I need to pursue different types of art and need to expose myself to different cultures. Each culture has their own way of expressing themselves, so once I seek out these I can experience new designs and expand my views on art.

This will not only help me see better but it will help me out more in the long run, because I have been exposed to new thing’s, and can express that through my animations. This was a very helpful lecture to go to, because I learned how I can go out and find new thing’s, and also learned what to do to make me become more successful in life.

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