Chair Final Image

chair final

Thanks to this class I’ve grown a lot in my eyesight and drawing skills. I can see thing’s much better than when I started out, and I have gotten better at critiquing people’s work and at noticing what can be done to improve my own. These first 6 weeks have been a challenge for me, but it’s been paying off and that was shown in the chair drawing.

I have grown a lot since we started in this class. When we first started I thought I was really good at art and thought I was fine as I was. I didn’t really think that all the drawing we were doing was necessary because I could draw fine on my own. Some of the exercises I noticed helped me a lot, it was hard to get used to at first because I was so used to free hand drawing and just guessing how everything went. I never used any tools to help me draw it accurately and I merely guess on where everything was positioned. As I started drawing in this class I realized it was a lot harder than it looked and I noticed that I had a lot to learn.

I have improved a lot in this class. Using these methods helped me greatly. If I didn’t have the methods and I started on the chair I would have gotten a lot more frustrated easier and it would have been twice as hard as it was.

I have grown and developed a lot since the start of this class. I can see that in my drawing’s when I first started. The form is a lot more accurate and precise, and I’m a lot faster at drawing figures because I have had so much practice. My shading has grown and I’ve shaded a lot better than in the past. I can see a lot of improvement in my work. I’m grateful that I learned these techniques because it will help me draw much better in the future.

Even though when I first started I didn’t like what we were doing and thought I was better off without the techniques I learned that they were very helpful towards drawing the chair and they were beneficial towards my drawing and towards myself.

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