Project 5- Typographic abstract composition

live laugh love

photoshop, sharpie



Explore sensory boundaries expanding your creativity. Create depth drawing words to interpret a poem, song or sentence.

I chose to do the words Live, laugh, and love. To me these have always meant something to me as a child and still do. I decided to do these words and make a sort of graphitti piece out of them. You can clearly see the depth in this image, along with the analogous color scheme, my colors being purple, green, and blue. Analogous colors are colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel. There is a 3- D part on the letters, along with plenty of overlapping and scale. The letters are bold and stand out from the rest of the image.

At the bottom you can see my original piece, and how it has improved from the previous image.

Live Laugh Love Graphitti

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