Photoshop Project 3

Recycling can make a difference

For this project we were required to base one of our works of a popular artist, mine being Hannah Hosh, who is a brilliant photomontage artist. I used her works in inspire me, but with a political idea in mind, that being recycling. I took different images of thing’s that meant recycling to me, or thing’s we could recycle and re-use. In the center I made a person out of trash, and put a recycling sign in the center of their chest. I put in numerous items, such as paper and plastic, which should be recycled to help us stay greener. There is also the recycling bin in the upper left hand corner showing you where you should put your trash. The words in the upper left hand corner say “Recycling Can Make a Difference,” which it can. It is important to recycle and I used this piece to show it.

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