Exploring Shapes Into Space

This is his piece of work that inspired me

This is his piece of work that inspired me

Heiwa Gardens closed Composition

Heiwa Gardens closed Composition

Create a symbolic design that expresses who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition the other in a closed composition. 

I based my work after Lance Goines’s designs, and used it to influence me and help me become a better artist. I titled my piece to be Heiwa gardens, Heiwa being the japanese word for peace. I love Japan, so I imcorporated that into my work, also including the word peace, which represents my beliefs. I love nature and animals so I used vines to be symbolic for life, which is never-ending. I made them connect to represent this. The feathers on the outside represent animals,and the flower in the middle represents my love for flowers, and represents a garden.

The area is split into two, there are dark spots and then there are light. On the closed composition photo your eyes are immediatly drawn to the center, where it is darkest, and then your eyes travel out, looking at the rest of the detail there. The photo with the open composition is much more subtle and simple, because the shapes are all geometric and simplified, rather than the one above, where everything is much more detailed.

The Tibetan Mandela reminds me of my work. Both our works are circular and symbolic, mine being nature. Both of our works are symmetric, however, the Tibetan Mandela is perfectly symmetrical unlike mine, which is not meant to be perfectly symmetric. Mine also does not have the color variation that the Tibetan Mandela has.

Heiwa Gardens Geometric open composition

Heiwa Gardens Geometric open composition

Heiwa Gardens Closed Composition
Heiwa Gardens Closed Composition

This is my original image of Heiwa Gardens. You can clearly see the improvement in the geomatric forms and get a clear sence of the open composition with the redo.

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