cover back cover booklet part 1 booklet part 2

In this project I made a small flip-book, outlining my daily activities. The cover starts out. My day starts out slow, and takes time to wake myself, and getting up and getting on the computer sometimes. Then I would go to class, walking along the sidewalk, and class would be a drag. After that I would go back to my dorm, sometimes eating ramen, or watching movies, and sometimes taking a nap. I would then end my day by laying down in bed and repeating the process the next time.

I based the cover off the fact that you were opening the book, and starting to read through it, therefore I got the idea to put a door opener on it. on the back cover i summarized everything that I put in my book, putting a closed eyee for sleeping, and some sand for being sleepy. I also added some lines to give it a decorating effect.

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