Expressing Pattern as a Design

1. Create a realistic drawing

2. Explore your subject in three dimensions

3. Create a Detail

4. Stylize the form

In this photo on the top left hand corner is my realistic drawing. The colors are matching the color of a real peacock’s feather, making it a realistic drawing. On the upper right hand corner there are feathers glued down to the paper, giving it a 3-D appearance. The feathers are also matching colors to a real peacock’s feather. The drawing on the bottom left hand corner is the black and white drawing I chose to do of a feather. In the bottom right hand corner you can see the object detailed. Drawing it in black and white, while giving some of the feather’s color, helps excentuate the colors of the feathers, giving it more detail.

Patterns are always used in nature, they are everywhere in life. For example, the feathers have a branching pattern in them. They continue to branch out into many different strands. Once you’re eye follows one strand you can’t help but find 5 more along the way. Another pattern that is used is the meandering pattern. In this pattern your eyes follows the trail, but the trail continues to fade away, and eventually disappears.

Anonymous french street artist Ludo makes street art and patterns are clearly present in his work. Our work is the same in both aspects that we are using branching and meandering patterns in our work. In Ludo’s street art of the butterfly he did, you can clearly see that pattern used in it. The viewer’s eyes are drawn to the detail in the wing’s, making their eyes follow the details. Our work is different because he draws large and numerous kinds of street art, while my work consisted of a single piece of nature, being a feather.

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